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Str. Ninz 63, 39036 La Villa Badia, Bolzano (BZ)


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Club Moritzino
Alta Badia
La Perla
Rosa Alpina
Peak Performance
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Golf & Gourmet

Tranquillity, refinement and passion.

— Anonymous

The valley of the stars

With the golf clinic Golf&Gourmet, mothus is offering you the possibility to experience the unique culture and cuisine of the ladin valleys, admired by the international community. 

The culinary journey will guide you through three different restaurants in Alta Badia that together, and we are very proud of that, have received four Michelin stars. 

Particularly, the highest possible number of Michelin stars possible has been awarded to Norbert Niederkofler of St. Huberts and the impressive number of one star to the young chef Nicola Laera of La Stüa de Michil. In line with them, the gourmet chef Marco Spinelli has created his very own way to connect gourmet cuisine with the breathtaking views of the Dolomites at an altitude of more than 2100 meters. 

The quality of the hospitality has been for years one of the key ingredients to the success of Alta Badia and we work hard to make it one for mothus as well.

La Stüa de Michil
Club Moritzino 2100mt.

What you can expect

We are offering you a golf clinic of four days where you will have the opportunity to improve your golfing game with a professional coach of the Italian national team. Furthermore, the unique and exquisite gourmet cuisine of Alta Badia is awaiting you.

For the more adventurous, there will be plenty of free time to go out and explore what Alta Badia to offer, whereas those who are looking for a calm moment of peace can just relax and enjoy the SPA amenities.

During the day you will have the possibility to improve your game on the course or on the driving range. Once finished, an aperitivo awaits you to learn more about the unique flavors of the valley. To explore the nature like never before we have organized an esclusive helicopter flight over the magnificent peaks called the Dolomites. Every day will reach it's apex with the pleasant and interesting experience in one of the gourmet restaurants of Alta Badia. We want to create the experience of the lifetime and put a smile on your face every time you think of us.

Included With Trip

  • 3 nights with breakfast in the hotel La Perla, member of The Leading Hotels of the world. 

  • Golf lessons with professional coaches of the Italian national team

  • Dinner in three gourmet restaurants of Alta Badia: La Stüa de Michil, Club Moritzino 2100mt. and St. Huberts

  • Multiple gadgets such as clothing by Peak Performance and regional specialities

  • Helicopter flight

  • Aperitivi in different locations and an introduction to the Ladin cuisine

Your dream, our passion