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Str. Ninz 63, 39036 La Villa Badia, Bolzano (BZ)


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Golf & Desire

Only sky's the limit.

—Immanuel Kant

The valley of infinite possibilities

With the golf clinic Golf & Desire mothus is realizing every wish while remaining in line and respecting the values and requirements by our clients. We are proud to have the possibility to collaborate with Alta Badia and the excellent structures it offers. In fact, there are no limits to what one can do in the valley. Activities include sport holidays as well as culinary journies and complete immersion into relaxing moments; everything is possible.

In addition, Alta Badia is also famous for the annual bicycle race Maratona dles Dolomites. It follows the winding roads through the mountains surrounding Alta Badia with its breathtaking and mesmerizing views, and professionals and amateurs alike can experience it while pedaling at their own pace through the marvelous scenery. 

The Ladin culture is unique and it has evolved separated from rest due to its geographical location. This curse however, has proven to be a blessing. The language, as well as the cuisine and customs have a deep and wide importance, and make it a unique and incomparable gem. 

The Dolomites are a natural architectonic masterpiece and offer a variety of different excursions through the thick forests, vast meadows and to the steep mountains peaks.

What you can expect

Gof & Desire focuses mainly on professional golf instructors that want to organize a golf clinic during the summer but don't have the necessary time and know-how. We, on the other hand, can start from scratch by drafting an idea and then offer an unforgettable holiday in line with the clients' wishes and requirements. 

Largely targeted to golf instructors, we are giving them the opportunity to bring their clients to Alta Badia and teach them in a new and demanding environment, without having to be responsible of organizing the golf clinic.

They can rely on our experience in organizing events and our knowledge as well as connections in Alta Badia.

For every budget, we promise that the golf clinics represent our values of excellence and authenticity. 

We can not present a typical golf clinic of Golf & Desire, since every single one is personalized and incorporates the individual wishes of every participant. Exactly this is what makes our golf cinics unique and unforgettable. 

Only sky's the limit.