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©2019 by Mothus S.R.L.S.

Str. Ninz 63, 39036 La Villa Badia, Bolzano (BZ)


part. iva 03036990210

Club Moritzino
Alta Badia
La Perla
Rosa Alpina
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Our Mission

The mountains. Experience them like never before.

We believe that golf is one of the most fascinating physical activities. Immersed in the green nature and surrounded by the mountains, the stress and hustle from the city is quickly forgotten. 

We want to return to what golf fundamentally means: the contact with nature and thus the serenity of that very experience. Pleasure is a feeling that not only arises when we hit the ball in the sweet spot, but it is also the feeling we experience when we admire the spectacular panorama of the Dolomites and connect with Ladin culture and traditions.

Our intention is to offer a wide variety of activities related to golf, but most importantly to create an experience of and for a lifetime. We have specialized to organize golf tournaments as well as golf clinic. But we don't stop there, our main goals is to create experiences of a lifetime and unforgettable memories.

Our golf clinics

Golf & Fun

Isn't it boring to practice on your own?

Do you want to escape from the suffocating heat of the city? 

It has never been so easy!

We want to bring back to golf the most fundamental and valuable aspect. Lately, especially the younger ones never had the opportunity and possibility to experience it. Without joy and laughter, the bag will remain untouched and become dusty.

Come with us and you will experience the game of golf, fun and nature like never before.


It is for us one of the most important values that we want to communicate.


Even outside of the golf course we want to create unforgettable memories.


Our professional coaches are here to improve your golf game and bring it to the next level.


Our main goal is to make you smile, and every time you think of us, that very smile will return.

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